10 years of BrightEye®

BrightEye® is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year so this is the right time to thank you, our customers, for your years of confidence in us.
Ten years ago our director Lieven Decorte started up BrightEye® with one objective, to work for the success of customers by means of innovative MES software. In the meanwhile our company has become an important IT partner for businesses in various sectors. Through partnerships with, among others, Schneider Electric, Egemin Automation and other leading firms, we are working to increase our international presence and most of all our constant quality and service.
BrightEye® has already relied for 10 years on a close-knit team of enthusiastic specialists, who together are driving BrightEye® to a higher level, with customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal. We look forward to continuing our positive growth, tapping into new markets and continuing to support you, the customer, as a reliable IT partner.