Food industry

Food industry

The food industry is highly competitive and serves a price-conscious market. It is important to deliver consistent products that you produce in a high-quality and safe way, with very low failure rate or error incidence. Stricter environmental standards do not make production any easier either. BrightEye®’s MES software optimises your processes

  • drastically reducing production time.
  • reducing your energy and raw materials consumption.
  • reducing error incidence (prevents incorrect doses, machinery breakdown, formula errors, etc.).

You can successfully tackle the challenges of the food industry with BrightEye® software!
A number of cases in the food industry: Agripom, Findus AB, Agristo, RAFTI Sugar Solutions, Begro, Dicogel, Dujardin Foods, Euro Champignon, Gerona, Mulder Natural Foods, Muyshondt NV, Poco Loco, Roger and Roger

BrightEye® is mainly active in the food, steel and assembly industries. Our software can also prove its worth in other industries and lead to optimisation of production processes and higher returns. was after all developed in accordance with industry standards (ISA95), which means that it is very easy to use.

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Food industry
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