Integrated IT solution creating flexible factories. Integrated IT solution creating flexible factories. is a modular software suite with Manufacturing Execution and Warehouse Management functions. This multi-site open structure software, based on industrial standards (ISA-95, B2MML, OPC) is fully developed in Microsof.NET which makes it easy to deploy in small, medium and large enterprises. It suits discrete, batch, continuous processes and logistical processes. functionalities for Controlling & Executing, Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS), Warehouse Management, Quality Control, Tracking & Tracing, Personnel/Workforce, Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), Labelling, Reporting - KPI's and Dashboards, are offered through modules, and can be used as a single integrated solution depending on your needs. plant lay-out uses three basic elements: product definitions, processes and machines, to map your entire multi-site operational processes, step by step, in accordance with your roadmap and budget. offers communication with your existing machinery and IT systems, via integrated technology such as OPC communication, labelserver and printercontrol, WPF, WORKFLOW, Webservices ... is user-friendly and can easily integrate with different ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and Oracle, and shop floor machinery, which makes it very convenient for integrators of total solutions or machinery manufacturers.




This modular software enables you to better monitor your production processes, reducing errors and increasing flexibility in the workspace, leading to better results and above all greater profits. integration

Every day BrightEye® focuses on the development of leading MES and WMS software. We are an open business, which means that our software can be implemented by external integrators (such as Schneider Electric, Egemin Automation, or factory driven internal IT services). We offer support and training courses, to ensure this can run efficiently and flexibly. See our references and partnerships.

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