Agidens (Egemin Automation)

Agidens offers customised automation solutions which improve the logistical and production processes of industrial enterprises.

The company is internationally active in eight countries, i.e. the Egemin head office in Zwijndrecht, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States and China with its 300 employees.

Agidens’s solutions are based on its own products, but also existing software and technology, such as Agidens integrates BrightEye® software with its end customers, so they can always stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Peter Opregt
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Testimonial Agidens (Egemin Automation)

Powerful vertical integration product, easy to implement and maintain. Professional, supportive people. The type of automation partners we are aiming for. Arnoud den Hoedt, Agidens

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