Marelec Food technologies and BrightEye®

Marelec Food Technologies, a company in Nieuwpoort (Belgium), has been active in the fishing industry since 1983. It designs and produces robust and powerful weighing and sorting systems for the fish, meat, poultry and vegetable industries.

Marelec always does custom work for the customer at the best price. Their network control systems and other maritime electronics are already at the pinnacle of the maritime world. In addition to their internal team of IT experts and technicians, who are responsible for the design and production of equipment, they also have an international network of agents ready to offer customers optimal after-sales service in more than 30 countries.

Marelec Food Technologies decided to join forces with BrightEye® and to upgrade their equipment with the latest technology to optimise the grading process. They opted for BrightEye® because it is a small but therefore also more flexible company to work with. BrightEye® software is also very complete and has already done sterling service in the food industry. BrightEye® was the ‘best in class’ solution for Marelec.

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Testimonial Marelec Food technologies and BrightEye®

Our devices are at the pinnacle in their class and are highly valued by our customers around the world. Our collaboration with BrightEye® allows us to offer our customers a total solution which enables them to achieve optimal efficiency with a clear reduction in error incidence thanks to optimal planning, quality control and follow-up. Piet Rommelaere, Marelec Food Technologies

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