X-tensive Automation, LLC


X-tensive Automation, LLC - is a software developer and integrator company. X-tensive Automation specializes in buisness-process automation and development of manufacturing automation solutions. 


Partnership between BrightEye and X-tensive Automation, LLC began over eleven years ago!
X-tensive LLC "X-tensive - Automation" (X-tensive www.x-tensive.ru) is an expereinced partner of BrightEye.
Company staff consists of experts with a yeras of experience in development, integration and management in the area of MES, APS, WMS.


Currently X-tensive - Automation is performing integration, guidance and support of MEScontrol.NET in Russsian Federation.
X-tensive - Automation possess the highest level of partnership among integrators of MEScontrol.NET.
In 2014 company office was granted a competence Centre status of MEScontrol.NET platform on the territory of Russian Federation.


Site: www.x-tensive.ru
Tel.: +7 343 287 61 73
E-mail: info@x-tensive.ru
Address: Yekaterinburg, Kirov str. 9.



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