Knowledge: e-learning in the workplace

Knowledge: e-learning in the workplace

Centralised knowledge management

The Knowledge module in centralises knowledge about products and processes from various disciplines. This knowledge consist of: instructions for operators, procedures, maintenance instructions, quality criteria, photographs, electrical diagrams, best practices, etc. Employees on the shop floor can consult this know-how and documents at any time, because all the information is stored in the internal database. The built-in security means that employees can only see the information that is important for their position.

E-learning and falling error incidence

The Knowledge module is therefore a perfect e-learning tool in the workplace. For example, operators will receive on-the-job instructions and information about the system they are using. Bringing the information to people at the right time reduces your error incidence.

Advantages Knowledge module

  • All know-how is stored in a central database
  • Transparent and accessible to everybody = e-learning in the workplace
  • Better knowledge contributes to a falling error incidence = profit

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Knowledge: e-learning in the workplace
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