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Press and communication

BrightEye® en 'The great food debate'

The great food debate: Vlaanderen Manager, issue 49.See the article and the contribution by BrightEye® on page 84. You can read a second press article on page 96.

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BrightEye® in Vlaanderen Manager

A clear view of your operational processes. Taking decisions about logistical and production processes requires objective data from your employees and the machines on the shop floor. This is precisely what from BrightEye® gives you.Read the full article about BrightEye® in Vlaanderen Manager  

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BrightEye® in Food Process

Producing healthier and safer food with less energy. Schneider Electric and BrightEye® will satisfy your hunger for energy efficiency. Read the full article about BrightEye® and Schneider Electric in Food Process.  

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BrightEye® in Aquarama

Schneider Electric and BrightEye® are combining their strengths for the food industry. Read the full article about BrightEye® and Schneider Electric in Aquarama.

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BrightEye® in Trendstop

West Flemish software company MESware is changing its name to BrightEye® and will start working with French industrial giant Schneider Electric. Goal: the Belgian food industry. Read the full article at BrightEye® in Trendstop

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BrightEye® in Voka Ondernemen

Schneider Electric Partnership expands its horizons with BrightEye® in Roeselare. A new business name and intense cooperation with a renowned partner will drive BrightEye® to a higher level in the coming months. Read the full article at Voka Ondernemen BrightEye® partnership Schneider Electric

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