Phased project plan

A smooth implementation project comes in a phased approach
with clear intermediate milestones and deliverables.


The phasing of an MOM project starts from
the following crucial crucial premises:


  • optimal use of the Momentum standard software
  • maximized agility & transparency
  • optimal engagement of all parties involved
  • knowledge transfer to the customer's MOM competence center
Momentum visualisation

Phase 1 Scoping

Several steps and actions to come to a clear and agreed project definition.
Collaborative phase, with the consultation of and contributions from all parties involved

Agile workshop


A standard workshop program, for both sites:


  • Growing the MOM and Momentum standard competencies
  • Review of the specified business requirements
  • Referrable in parallel, to enhance multi-site optimization

User Stories Summarizing

User Stories

Detailed scoping of actual functional user requirements:


  • Based on the findings of the workshops
  • User Story writing by solution architects, business and process specialists
  • Published in DevOps


DevOps framework

Single source of truth for the entire Application Lifecycle:


  • Momentum DevOps structure based on the workshop insights
  • Made concrete with user stories
  • Validated by the project consortium
  • Guiding and managing the implementation tasks
  • Resulting in fully documented implementations

Phase 2 Delivery


Build and deploy the agreed solution. Full force teamwork until project closure.


We promote to apply an agile approach:


  • When deploying area by area (or user story by user story), we review the previous delivered work before we start.
  • Testing is in the same logic.
  • Go-live is with grouped deploy for a MVP, or as customers prefers.
  • Hypercare period after go-live as a default part of the quality assurance procedure

Phase 3 Support


Customer support options, to meet new or changed business demand during the application lifecycle.

Growing the usage of Momentum to become the strategic business driver it was initially designed for. 

Customer Support Headset

24/7 support

Customers can subscribe to the full support and availability of


  • 2nd line project support
  • 3rd line product support



To have optimal performance and availability, customers can subscribe to Momentum monitoring:


  • Monitoring of the application
  • Logging, analyzing, alerting


Change requests

Brighteye is open to support the clients MOM team for different types of demand:


  • Momentum standard Bug fixing
  • New business demand