Application Modules

Brighteye’s Momentum software platform includes the MES base and four additional
modules that collectively constitute a comprehensive and
fully integrated MOM solution.

Modular jigsaw pieces
Momentum's MES Module

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)


Momentum's MES base manages, schedules, and monitors the automated execution of manufacturing processes and connects to enterprise software, machinery, production equipment, and resources. It's also possible to automatically send the correct data for real-time inline label printing and manage the appearance of complex product labels and EAN and SNCC codes.


It centralizes all information about the product, processes, procedures, etc. and displays the different data in clear, organized dashboards. Finally, the MES module can automatically calculate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).


Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS)


Momentum’s APS module enables optimal scheduling of customer orders. It splits each order into relevant operations and automatically plans these operations at relevant work centers. The APS module automatically adjusts scheduling based on changing conditions and provides managers real-time data regarding potential bottlenecks.

quality control

Quality Control


The Quality Control module enables companies to define the specifications or features of a product that will be tested for quality and the process and timing of quality tests. It records the results of quality tests and passes the results from one operation to the next. The test results determine the further processing course of the lot, and indirectly, the final quality of the finished product.




Momentum’s Batching module ensures the integrity of product formulas and provides real-time control and recording of all batch processing steps. The functionality of the Batching module is compliant with industry standards such as ISA 88 and ISA 95, and with governmental regulations such as those promulgated by the US Food and Drug Administration.


Warehouse Management System (WMS)


The WMS module provides streamlined stock management for raw materials, semi-manufactures, and finished products. This module coordinates all materials movements during the production process based on real production requirements. Materials movements are recorded in real time via data communications with barcode scanners and RFID equipment, which enables the WMS module to calculate future stock requirements on the basis of reserved product quantities for planned orders and ordered raw materials.