Digitalizing & optimizing the
Food & Beverages industry

Brighteye has helped a large number of Food & Beverages organisations
such as cereal companies, industrial bakeries, beer breweries, cheese
production and chocolate confectionaries gain business momentum
in their industry.


We help Food & Bev manufacturers to manage the constant flux of
business demand with a fully digital production.

Food production line

We support the challenges and changes in your organisation


We invest in understanding your business challenges, which allows us to position our software platform in the best possible way
for your organisation:


  • strict regulations and thorough food safety and traceability protocols
  • wide range of products and customer specifications
  • unpredictable amount of order quantities and fresh produce deliveries (quality, seasonal harvest, etc.) with a focus on optimal scheduling
  • highly competitive industry with low profit margins
  • packaging and label specifications
  • the need for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software interfacing
  • ...
Brighteye visual

Phased project plan


A smooth implementation project comes in a phased approach with clear intermediate milestones and deliverables.

The phasing of an MOM project starts from the following crucial premises:


  • optimal use of the Momentum standard software
  • maximized agility & transparency
  • optimal engagement of all parties involved
  • knowledge transfer to the customer's MOM competence center


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