Important statement on Ukraine-Russia situation

Hands joining in together
A short, important statement from Brighteye on the Ukraine-Russia crisis.

As some of you may know, Brighteye has teams in Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine.


In fact, we at Brighteye feel privileged to work in an open-minded and intercultural company, but above all a humane organization. We cherish our work together across all cultures, on a respectful, appreciative, open daily basis with all of our colleagues, customers and partners. In fact, we are convinced that this is a part of Brighteye’s DNA and success, plus it makes our personal and professional life much more interesting as well.


We deeply regret the current Ukraine-Russia crisis, and we all hope the situation will de-escalate fast and possible damages can be minimised.


Our hearts are with our colleagues and partners in Ukraine – who we are focusing on to be safe –, their families, their loved ones and everyone else affected by the current events.