Gain strategic momentum
for long-term success

Momentum Enterprise is specifically designed to create momentum
for customers whose ambition is to optimize their current multi-site
manufacturing operations and prepare their business for the future.


It empowers management and front-line employees to continuously
improve manufacturing efficiency, increase asset utilization,
and improve product quality.

Momentum Enterprise visualisation
Momentum Enterprise visualisation

The Bright Way strategic experience


Momentum Enterprise enables business leaders to analyze and predict the potential consequences of strategic options and make better strategic decisions. Company leaders are able to use detailed data from current manufacturing operations to inform and support decisions about the future direction of their manufacturing strategy.

Momentum Enterprise is the most expansive version of the Bright Way approach to MOM improvement projects. It leverages the full capabilities of:


  • Momentum Enterprise software platform
  • Brighteye’s collaborative Methodology
  • BrightBank training center
  • Deep and productive Partnership among the customer
  • Integration partner or partners
  • Brighteye’s internal MOM experts
Momentum Enterprise visualisation

Global enterprises


While any customer can benefit from Momentum Enterprise, it is particularly valuable for large global enterprises with multiple manufacturing facilities, and companies that are competing with world-class manufacturing businesses.


In these situations, creative strategic thinking and sound strategic decision making are essential, and Momentum Enterprise will enable company leaders to perform both of these critical tasks.

A solution for every stage of your digitalisation journey

Momentum Data Visualisation

Momentum Data

Get critical insights about the performance of manufacturing equipment – and immediate ROI – with this low-cost, no-risk version of The Bright Way experience.

Momentum Operations visualisation

Momentum Operations

Optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of daily manufacturing operations, eliminate performance constraints, and unleash new capacity with this Bright Way MOM approach.

Momentum Enterprise visualisation

Momentum Enterprise

Gain the insights you need to prepare your business for the future, make better strategic decisions, and build long-term competitive advantage with a strategic Bright Way incorporation.