Momentum leverages
Advanced manufacturing

Momentum is a true enterprise-class MOM solution.
It uses advanced software engineering tools and techniques,
and robust cloud ready technologies to ensure the high level
of stability, reliability and performance that enterprises
require to support mission-critical manufacturing operations.

Scaling visual

From small companies to large global enterprises


Momentum is highly scalable and flexible, which means it can meet the MOM needs of organizations of all sizes – from small companies to large global enterprises. This exceptional scalability enables companies to easily access additional computing resources as their needs change or grow.

Modular architecture


The modular architecture of Momentum also provides flexibility by enabling companies to acquire and implement specific functional capabilities based on their unique business needs and priorities.


Modules overview


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Microsoft Azure visual

Microsoft.NET and Microsoft Azure


The Momentum platform has been fully developed using the Microsoft.NET software development framework, which means that Momentum is easy to customize.


Momentum Data is delivered via the Microsoft Azure cloud hosting platform. Azure provides a reliable and secure hosting environment, and its global footprint ensures that Momentum Data is available anywhere around the world.

Gold Partner


Momentum & IT Security


Brighteye takes information security very seriously and highly values your IT Security. To reach and maintain this security level, Brighteye partners with world-class specialist teams and advisors.


Security is considered in all projects the company undertakes and we also meet the Global Standards in IT Security, independent of your Momentum Infrastructure setup, being it fully on-premises, cloud-based or hybrid.

Multinlingual visual

Multilingual solution


Momentum is a fully multilingual solution. All components of Momentum’s user interface can be displayed in a variety of written languages. This enhances productivity for companies with global manufacturing operations by enabling individuals around the world to work with the Momentum platform in their primary language.

A solution for every stage of your digitalisation journey

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Momentum Operations

Eliminate the constraints in Manufacturing Operations Management and unleash your fullest potential


Optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of daily manufacturing operations, eliminate performance constraints, and unleash new capacity with this Bright Way MOM approach.


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Momentum Enterprise visualisation

Momentum Enterprise

Go for a strategic incorporation of all your sites to streamline your processes and expand your business momentum


Gain the insights you need to prepare your business for the future, make better strategic decisions, and build long-term competitive advantage with a strategic Bright Way incorporation.


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Momentum Data Visualisation

Momentum Data

Gain momentum with data insights

Get critical insights about the performance of manufacturing equipment –
and immediate ROI – with this low-cost, no-risk version of The Bright Way


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Business Momentum visual

Gain Business Momentum

Momentum provides the control, data, and insights that companies need to optimize the performance of manufacturing Business.

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Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Momentum leverages advanced software design, development techniques and cloud ready architecture to deliver MOM class stability.

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Universal User Experience

Momentum provides a simple user interface that users can quickly learn regardless of their previous experience with business software.