Productive partnerships drive successful projects

At Brighteye, we believe that successful MOM improvement projects require
productive partnerships among our clients’ IT and operations teams, integration
partners, and Brighteye’s internal team of project managers, analysts,
and software developers.


Therefore, creating and nurturing such partnerships has always been part of
Brighteye’s business DNA.


Let us be part of your MOM improvement team


Brighteye believes in the power of working together with brilliant people and specialist companies so that we can rollout our software and services as quickly and efficiently as possible. We like to work in small dedicated teams together with the client and the integrator.

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A global network of expert integration partners


We have integration partners in multiple locations around the world, so no matter where you’re located, we have an integration partner who can help you gain business momentum.



Find your preferred partner

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Brighteye works with a broad network of capable and trusted integration partners who can provide certified Momentum project leaders, analysts, and software engineers. Our integration partners have extensive experience in a wide range of industry sectors, and expertise at managing and executing Momentum implementations for companies of all sizes.


Brighteye partners with clients to help them optimize their manufacturing operations and gain maximum business momentum. We serve clients engaged in discrete, batch, and process manufacturing across a wide range of industry sectors, and we routinely work with clients of all sizes.

client relationship

The Brighteye client relationship model is designed to be flexible and adaptable. Our client partnerships are structured based on the client’s goals and ambitions for a MOM improvement project. We work with clients whose primary ambition is to gain business momentum through better manufacturing data capture, those whose primary goal is to increase momentum through improved tactical execution, and those who want to drive better strategic decisions and actions.

MOM improvement

Our client partnerships also span all levels of involvement in a MOM improvement project. Brighteye’s participation in a project can range from simply supporting the client’s project steering committee to full co-creation and co-management of the entire project. Our list of representative clients reveals the broad range of client partnerships we’ve successfully developed.

support services

Systems integrators play a vital role in the success of Momentum implementation projects. Therefore, Brighteye provides our integration partners robust support services to ensure that projects are completed effectively and efficiently.

We monitor all projects carefully and analyze customer needs and potential gains. Then we use this analysis to guide our research and development agenda.


  • We provide integration partners a solution architecture for each implementation project. This ensures that the momentum gain realized by the client is maximized over both the short term and the long term.
  • We provide highly skilled solution consultants, including project managers, analysts, and software developers, to support and assist our integration partners and clients in The Bright Way of implementing our Momentum software platform.
  • Our integration partners have full access to the Brighteye implementation methodology, including the DevOps software.
  • Our third-line customer support desk is always available for integration partners to ensure that no gain in momentum is lost or delayed.