Brighteye's Methodology

Brighteye’s innovative methodology for managing MOM improvement
projects streamlines the work required to define, configure, test, install and
deploy the Momentum software platform.


Our proven approach ensures that implementation projects are
designed properly and executed effectively and efficiently,
which speeds up the implementation process, drives
end user adoption and enables our customers to quickly
gain the benefits of the Momentum platform.

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Continuous development infinity

Continuous Development and Feedback


Brighteye’s MOM improvement methodology is based on transparent and continuous software configuration enabled by continuous, real-time communication and continuous, real-time feedback.


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Momentum DevOps software


Brighteye’s methodology for managing and executing MOM improvement projects is grounded in tested and proven agile software development principles and methods.


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BrightBank training centre


BrightBank is Brighteye’s solution for sharing information and knowledge to support the learning needs of customers. The BrightBank solution includes both an online repository of knowledge resources and self-paced training with personal instructor support.


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Phased project plan


A smooth implementation project comes in a phased approach with clear intermediate milestones and deliverables.

The phasing of an MOM project starts from the following crucial premises:


  • optimal use of the Momentum standard software
  • maximized agility & transparency
  • optimal engagement of all parties involved
  • knowledge transfer to the customer's MOM competence center


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