Klasmann-Deilmann chose to gain business Momentum

Person planting strawberries in a field
We are excited to announce our cooperation with Klasmann-Deilmann!

Klasmann-Deilmann is an international leader in the substrate industry. Their growing media provide a vital basis for the growth of fruits, vegetables, and more across the globe.


Being a worldwide leader, Klasmann-Deilmann is constantly engaged in research and development efforts to continuously improve the quality of their product offer to meet increasingly demanding benchmarks. This however, increases the complexity of their production.


As Klasmann-Deilmann produces tailor-made products that have a limited shelf life, their production operation operates on a Make-To-Order and Just-In-Time basis.


Recognizing this on top of the increased complexity of their process, the company saw an opportunity to invest in digitalization. This makes it easier for the company to manage the production process and ensure the timely delivery of their customized products to their clients.


Klasmann-Deilmann has partnered with Momentum to digitize their production sites globally. With this partnership, Brighteye plans incorporate all paper-based instructions and orders into the Momentum software. We will also implement a track & trace feature that enables Klasmann-Deilmann to determine the exact uniformity of each product sent to their customers.