Digitalisation of Paulig's new Poco Loco production site

Tex Mex food company Poco Loco from the Paulig Group continues the cooperation with Brighteye and VMA for the digitalisation of their new production site in Roeselare, Belgium.

Poco Loco, part of the Paulig Group, offers a wide range of tortilla wraps, tortilla chips and snacks in many shapes and flavours, dinner kits, spice mixes and salsas and is one of Brighteye's first customers with which it has a long-term and solid partnership since then.


Poco Loco manages over 1 500 product references and stock-keeping units of which more than half get replaced yearly for adjustment purposes. To be able to manage all of these references and units and still continue to work in a profitable, flexible and qualitative way, they originally choose the Momentum platform to support them with their challenges. 


Momentum already runs successfully on Poco Loco’s first site and for the new site, Brighteye was also capable of offering a total solution thanks to Momentum's complete functionalities and the solid foundation at the first site. So for Poco Loco it was an obvious, but well-considered choice to entrust Brighteye and VMA with the digitalisation of their new production site (that is currently still under construction) at Roeselare, Belgium as well.