Digitalisation of
Westlandia's entire
production process

Westlandia workplace
Westlandia has entrusted Brighteye for the digitalisation of their entire production process, including their huge CNC machine park. The user and human centric implementation project will be completed within 24 months.

In their quest to gain additional competitiveness in their industry, the innovative workspace Westlandia started their search for a digitalisation - optimisation trajectory for their manufacturing operations management. Together with Brighteye a high-profile MOM pilot project was set up in Westlandia's plant, a pioneer project in the world of sheltered workspaces.


As Brighteye was capable of offering a total solution for Westlandia's needs and demands thanks to Momentum's complete functionalities and ability to connect to their CNC machine park without any impact on the machines' performance, Westlandia agreed to go into business with Brighteye for the digitalisation of their entire production process, including their huge CNC machine park.


Before diving into the digitalisation - optimisation trajectory a very extensive scoping was executed to align clear expectations and commitments of all parties involved. The implementation project to digitalise the entire site will be completed within 24 months at the rhythm of the end users (employees and supervisors).


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