Release of Momentum Operations 17.0

Software release
We're proud to announce the release of Momentum Operations 17.0.

We would like to use this moment to put our renewed and rebranded Momentum mobile (touch screen) applications user interfaces in the spotlight:

👁️ Momentum Operator:
Restricted mobile application that guides permanent and temporary shop floor workers through detailed task instructions and mandatory validation acts in real time, with a focus on execution quality.

👁️ Momentum Supervisor:
Supports supervising operators in their day-to-day activities such as consultation of planning and tasks, validation and starting of execution and supervision of the shop floor

👁️ Momentum Manager:
Momentum Manager is at the core of the Momentum platform and provides access to all the possibilities of the platform.

Also worth mentioning are the following changes:


  • The improved architecture that makes the configuration of Momentum services better to use for integrators and easier to understand for new end-users.
  • The support of modern passwordless cloud-based database authentication mode to make logging in much more quicker and safer.
  • The new features that help our scheduling tool to predict and/or detect and solve production issues faster and more efficient.