Release of Momentum Operations 17.1

Software developer
We're proud to announce the release of Momentum Operations 17.1.

Here you can find our top 5 of the newest features:


👁️ Customisation and security possibilities for the Supervisor and Operator applications were brought to the next level for optimal user adoption.


👁️ Notifications can be sent from the Manager application (or custom workflows) to the Supervisor app about any event with the possibility to indicate the importance and/or priority for more efficient follow-up and better process transparency.


👁️ Seamless integration with all kinds of Document Management Systems - such as file shares and SharePoint Online - to store documents, pictures, videos, instructions, etc. externally to publish instructions in SharePoint to show them in Momentum Supervisor for instance.


👁️ Largely increased flexibility in configuring in-line and near in-line quality tests, e.g. the possibility to define quantity-based testing.


👁️ Ánd you will need less clicks to reach the same goals as before in Momentum Operator, you’re welcome 😉


Don't hesitate to reach out to us to receive the full detail.