Gain and sustain
business Momentum

Brighteye’s Momentum software is a modular, cloud-based solution
that delivers comprehensive MOM functionality for all types of
manufacturing environments – discrete, batch, and continuous process.


Momentum’s five application modules provide range of MOM capabilities,
including advanced planning and scheduling, quality control, tracking
and tracing, batch process control, equipment control,
label management, and warehouse management.

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Gain business momentum in numbers

The Momentum platform enables companies to drive substantial improvements in manufacturing operations.


Numerous industry studies have demonstrated the business value of MOM software systems. For example, research by MESA International and LNS Research found that users of comprehensive MOM software improved their net profit margin by 19.4%. The average profit improvement for all companies was 10.4%. This research also found that users of MES software improved on-time complete shipments by 22.0%, compared to the overall average improvement of 12.5%.

Companies using our Momentum software have received several valuable benefits, including lower costs and:


  • Increased visibility regarding the performance of their manufacturing operations
  • Reduced manufacturing lead times and cycle times
  • Increased compliance with standard processes and best practices
  • Improved employee decision making
  • Improved cross-functional collaboration based on common data (“a single source of truth”)
  • Improved product quality – fewer errors
  • Increased asset utilization – less unplanned downtime
  • Improved production scheduling – fewer bottlenecks
  • Improved management and control of materials and supplies

A solution for every stage of your digitalisation journey

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Momentum Operations

Eliminate the constraints in Manufacturing Operations Management and unleash your fullest potential


Optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of daily manufacturing operations, eliminate performance constraints, and unleash new capacity with this Bright Way MOM approach.


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Momentum Enterprise

Go for a strategic incorporation of all your sites to streamline your processes and expand your business momentum


Gain the insights you need to prepare your business for the future, make better strategic decisions, and build long-term competitive advantage with a strategic Bright Way incorporation.


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Momentum Data

Gain momentum with data insights

Get critical insights about the performance of manufacturing equipment –
and immediate ROI – with this low-cost, no-risk version of The Bright Way


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Gain Business Momentum

Momentum provides the control, data, and insights that companies need to optimize the performance of manufacturing Business.

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Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Momentum leverages advanced software design, development techniques and cloud ready architecture to deliver MOM class stability.

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Universal User Experience

Momentum provides a simple user interface that users can quickly learn regardless of their previous experience with business software.